Tulsa, OK


Join our vision in making Tulsa a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside

Tulsa, OK

Become A Home Builder Partner

We are working to fund the build of 2 new tiny homes. Your donations will build square footage of each home.


We are seeking long- and short-term members of our team. We currently need help fundraising and educating Tulsa about the Eden Village model.

Become A Resident

Once our community infrastructure is established, we’ll be taking applications to those who will benefit from our supported community.


Donate today to help us reach our goal to buy land, build our center and begin bringing in homes for our homeless friends to call home.

Eden Village of Tulsa is currently under construction and is a gated, tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes and a built-in support system for chronically homeless individuals. It sits on 17 acres, includes 63 tiny homes, a 4,000 sq. ft. community center, greenhouses and a small on-site farm for residents to care for.


Solving Homelessness With Dignified Living

With Shelter And Dignity One Can Thrive.

Local homeless advocates count and track the chronically homeless through shelters, hospitals, and local police departments. Together, the Tulsa community, can address this focused challenge by housing them in tiny home communities.

Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK