Eden Village of Tulsa is working to get you into a supportive, stable environment.

To be an Eden Village resident you must meet all three of the following requirements:

Chronically Homeless

An individual who has been without a home for more than a year consecutively within the Tulsa area.

Be A Good Neighbor

Willing and able to obey community rules and civil law. No illegal drugs or firearms are allowed in the community.

Recurring Income

Ability to pay $350/mo in rent through various means of income. ie sponsorship, job, disability, VA, etc.

Make Sure We Have A Way To Contact You

It is vital that we have a current phone number to be able to reach you. If you do not have a number to contact, then please give the number for someone who can find you as a spot becomes available. If we cannot reach you, then we will move on to the next applicant.